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Why are you going to Freeport, Bahamas?


To equip pastors and church leaders to lead trauma healing group. After  a national disaster, church leaders often carry the communities burden in return they can burn out.  On this trip we will be meeting with pastors and church leaders guiding them through healing the wounds of the heart and care for the caregivers lesson.    We will provide a full training in February or March of 2020. 


As executive director of Quest Movement, a licensed professional counselor, ordained minister,  master trainer for Trauma Healing Institute , and a fellow for Global Trauma Recovery Institute, I am passionate to serve people through traumatic experiences locally and globally.     Quest trains local pastors, counselors, and church leaders to implement and lead trauma healing groups for children and adults.  Pastor Andre Farquharson at Agape House Church in Freeport, Bahamas invited us to come and present the Trauma Healing Training to local pastors and church leaders.  "We need it. We lost so much," words of Apostle farquharson. 


What will you be doing in Freeport, Bahamas?


The Bahamian people need our resources and support after hurricane Dorian devastated the islands. The killer storm, the strongest to ever to make landfall in the country, wiped out many homes, and in some cases, entire neighborhoods. When hurricane Dorian stalled over Grand Bahama Island for nearly two days, it slammed Freeport with nearly 20 feet of storm surge and 185 mph winds. Freeport still has saltwater coming out of the taps and more than 50% of residents are still without power.  Hundreds of people wait in line outside of a relief distribution sites to get basic needs like canned food and water. 

Can you image 2 days of high winds and rain surging to 20 feet? Can you imagine losing your love ones, most of processions, and means of income?  Can you imagine the impact that would have on the mental health of a person, family, community- a nation?  Can you imagine being a pastor and caregiver that everyone comes to for help? 


We desire to support Bahaman pastors and leaders with a tool to help them lead trauma healing groups called, Healing Wounds of Trauma designed by Trauma Healing Institute.


When are you going?   

December 5th to 12th, 2019  & return in February to complete a 23hours training

Are you going alone?  

No,  Pastor Kimberly Gegner  who is senior pastor of New Hope Ministries in Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, PA.  She is a facilitator in training in Trauma Healing and has a passion to serve. (Click here for more information)  Rev. Stacey Hamilton is a associate pastor at Mt Zion Baptist church in Pleasantville NJ. 


How can I help?

  1.  We need your prayers.   We believe there is a enemy who likes harm humanity and keep Christian trapped in their pain.   We believe, Satan, our enemy desires to keep us from helping Bahamians to heal from all their lost. 

  2.  We need your encouragement.   It is hard to give up time from work, away from family, and sacrifices our resources to serve other.  Please encourage us.

  3. We need your financial support.   We have to raise $2500 per person.   This supports the church leaders convening session, expenses while in Bahamians, and our personal expenses for the trip.  Please consider giving $25 or more.   We need a 100 people each to help us cover the expense.  


How can I follow your trip?

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Is your organization a 5013c?

 Yes, we are a 5013c.  All donations are recorded and we give you gift tax letter every years.


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