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Generational Trauma Facilitators Resource Page

We are excited that you have answered the call to service during this divisive time.   May God prepare your heart and mind for spiritual encounters, you will be entering.  May people's faith be lifted and body of Christ unified.   Thank you for your service.  Remember listening helps people to experience healing and God. Below are the documents needed to lead healing groups.

Click on the pdf icon to download the documents  

For support with Generational Trauma schedule a call at or email


Generational Trauma Lessons Detail Schedule and Timetable

GT Video Link.png

Generational Trauma Videos

Flowers Candles Funeral

Lesson 3 - Grief Resources


Healing Group Report Form 


Using ZOOM

Family Photo Album

Lesson 0 - Generational Trauma


Family Tree Explanation

GT Video Link.png

Lesson 0 - Generational Trauma



Family Tree


Lesson 0 - Generational Trauma


African American History Chart

Image by Unseen Histories

Lesson 0 - Generational Trauma


African American History Timeline

Image by Boston Public Library

Lesson 0 - Generational Trauma


White American History Timeline

First Aid

Lesson 2 - Heart Wound Resources

Dancing Hands

Lesson 10 - Conflict

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