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In Luke 4:18-19 we were fortunate to experience the story of Jesus’ misson on earth in inspirational and rejuvenating engagements while in Rwanda. 

We invite you to share in this experience with us, in this, our current newsletter which has personal stories and links to video’s sharing God’s amazing gift to the world – the gift which is Rwanda. 

You may be thinking, “How is Rwanda a gift to the world?”  This country which has experienced one of the world’s   most recent evil atrocities in modern history. 

The horror of genocide - which at one time only offered a future of broken heartedness, deeply embedded roots of bitterness, revenge and hopelessness; is now being replenished through the redemptive power of God’s gracious and active love. 

God’s Grace; which has become tangible, therapeutic, and transferable because of the faithful, prayerful support we receive from our partners.  

Such a cataclysmic trauma can imprison an entire people, mentally and emotionally for generations to come.  Link to memorial visit

Our Team in Traditional Clothing

CIESPD - Safe House & Trauma counseling center

We began our first week by dividing into teams and visiting the various counselor’s locations.  We spent several days with Maria, the Executive Director and Counselor at CIESPD; a safe house for abused women & their children outside of Kigali in Nyamata.


It is a rural poor community struggling with limited jobs and resources.  We listened intently to ongoing trauma cases, and when invited, provided supportive insights.    

We witnessed the miracles of God's mighty hand in the lives of women who have survived Domestic Violence, Genocide, Rape and the impact of systemic-wide Poverty. 


We witnessed the power of God literally save an entire family from the despair of extreme abject poverty. 

When a young women’s life was threatened by her baby’s father. Without any food and not eating for over a week – overcome with fear and despair - she was about to give up on life.

In a vision, God told her she would “live and not die”.

Maria; led by the Spirit; arrived with food and protection.  Now the young lady is being empowered by God’s protection, learning a trade and acquiring the skills necessary to sustain her family through this ministry’s guidance and loving presence.  Here is a link to slideshow on CIESPD work.

Please pray for Maria’s work and the families she serves.

Shalom Minsistry

A father-figure too many of the children in the poverty stricken region Kigali, is my Rwandan brother in the Lord, Narcisse Nyamunaga. 

He is the founder of Shalom Family Ministry, whose staff, under the guidance of Narcisse, provides counseling regularly to 85 children in Saturday Church School programming.

We met several of his clients and listened intently to tragic cases that have now become influenced by God’s love.

One of the most complex trauma cases is that of a young man who survived the genocide, but unfortunately lost his [nuclear and external] family; leaving him with no familial identity.  He did not have a name nor family to attach with.

He grew up in an orphanage where he experienced additional traumas: including egregious poverty, multi-forms of abuse, and identity crisis. 

He doesn’t know his age, birthday, or birth name.  He looks to be 14 years old, but this is due to malnutrition. He is actually at least 25 years old.

Although his case is truly complex; HOPE is yet alive because Narcisse is truly an incarnational expression of Jesus’ restorative presence in this young man’s life.

The Light of Christ shine’s through so much darkness in Narcisse’s anointing.  The young man is recovering well.  He needs our prayers. We listened to the complexity of domestic violence cases and met women who can’t leave due to poverty and limited safe-homes.  Please pray for the Rwandan government and Churches so that they develop more safe houses and pass laws to protect victims. 

With his infectious smile and loving heart, Narcisse allows Jesus to shine through him in very tough situations. This site was the hardest for me.  Many children are not physically growing due to impoverished conditions.  

It’s a privilege to bear witness and support these counselors in their work.   I cannot express the deep gratitude to my Savior for allowing me to join these wonderful counselors in the mighty healing work [He] is doing in Rwanda.

Please enjoy this slide Shalom


The second week, we facilitated two trainings: one with the Rwanda Association of Christian Counselors (RACC) (Figure 4) and the other with Rwanda Bible Society (RBC). 

At RACC, our team led a Counselor’s Self-Care Training called, "In Our Lives First," based on Dr. Langberg's book and the Gospel of John 15.  The training guided the counselors to abide in the vine - our source, Jesus Christ. 

At the Bible Society of Rwanda training, we facilitated an advance training in domestic violence.  

This trip has personally opened my eyes to the depths of poverty and its power to distort the intended image of God’s creations. 

I witnessed teenagers who looked eight years old because of malnutrition. 

It breaks my heart to witness women who remain in physically abusive relationships simply because it is safer to stay in the home and face clear and present danger, than to leave and become exposed to the probable dangers that exist within the larger community. Remember the regional genocide removed the expected safety support systems.  

I thank God for his Bride, the Church, who brings light of Christ into the dark places.  I want to personally thank everyone for their prayers, financial gifts, and encouragement. 

Please support me for 2018 trip in the following ways:   

  • Praying for my health

  • Encouragement

  • Tax-exempt Financial Support

  • The power and opportunity to share our work with others


Finally, we are reminded by the words of the Apostle reminding us in his letter to Titus, to never forget the hurting, the poor, the captives, and the lost.  

“And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.” Titus 3:14

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