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Across the globe, there are people of all ages with wounded hearts that our loving God desires to heal. Quest Movement has been commissioned to reach these individuals with the love and healing power of the cross. In America, we focus on communities with high Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) numbers that are impacting our most vulnerable and disenfranchised population. Globally, Quest equips local leaders in Rwanda, other east African countries, and the Bahamas to help through trauma healing groups, while providing educational and economic development opportunities for Rwandan youth.


Our mission is to engage, equip, and empower under-served, disenfranchised, and faith-based communities to facilitate healing from traumatic experiences locally and globally.

We accomplish our mission with the following values:

  • ENGAGING people and communities as the expert in bringing trauma healing into their community and churches.

  • EDUCATING individuals and communities by providing support with local school fees, scholarships, and business seed money.

  • EQUIPPING professionals and lay people in biblical trauma healing and mental health best practices.

  • EMPOWERING facilitators to serve in communities through mentoring, training, development, and collaborating with local organizations, agencies, and churches.


Our vision is for individuals and communities to receive transformational and empowering wholistic healing from trauma events that is grounded in Jesus Christ.  

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