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Hi GT Participant,


Amazing!   God is working, healing and unifying the body of Christ.  You are one of his instruments.   Thank you for participate in the training. We desire to hear from you. How was the healing group experience?   How was the equipping experience?  How are you going to use this experience?  If attendance is in order and you are already a facilitator in Classic, you will receive your certificate in the mail in a week or two. For those who have to make up a class please contact for make up schedule.

Please click the following button:

  1. Download the Racial Conversation sheet for Monday’s discussion

  2. Download Unpacking Your Experience

  3. If you are not a facilitator and will be taking a test, download the GT study guide. 


Photo and Testimonial Form (please upload the form before the session on Monday) the photo authorization and testimonial form (optional).  

  • Download and sign photo authorization and testimonial form (OPTIONAL).   Once you sign it, you can upload it back into the folder under participant uploads.

Certification & Attendance Policy:

As stated in THE registration letter to become a GT facilitator, one must attend all classes.  Zoom keeps time stamps on all participants.  We used them to track attendance. We would like to double check our results by asking you to complete this quick attendance form 

For those who missed a class, you will have to make it up before receiving your official certificate and credit in Team Desk.  You can make it up by attending the class you missed.  We will give you a code to register. 



As co-author and Master Facilitator, I want to be effective in modifying the curriculum and properly training facilitators, so your feedback is critical.  Please complete this form right after your last session.                                    We want to thank you in advance for your feedback. 


Furthermore, one of the major disadvantages of online is the inability to get to know participants.  I had an amazing chance to talk to some of you through phone calls.  I want to invite the rest of you to schedule a call at 


Action Plan (For facilitators):

If you are a facilitator, please complete the action plan and turn in by 9/17session.  For those who are taking the 9/17, you will complete the action plan during the class.  


Once again, thank you for taking the time to join us on the journey of generational trauma healing.  I pray that the Lord will guide you during this divisive time in our country.   May you continue to be hearers and doers of the word of God.  We pray you will be a part of the solution a healing agent inside and outside the walls of the church.   Quest Movement is here to support you as you go to lead healing groups and for some equipping sessions.  


We invite you to keep in touch by subscribing to our website, joining us for our local COP, and our facilitators calls and trainings. If you want to connect with one of the other facilitators, please email your request to  


Thank you for your attention to these matter.  We will see you on Monday.



Desiree Guyton

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