What is Generational Trauma Program?

Healing the Wounds of Generational Trauma: The Black & White Experience explores generational trauma and how it affects our lives today. Participants look at historical factors that have impacted America and trace our own experience against that background. It helps participants to unlock traumatic patterns that are passed down through the generations, provides tools to begin interrupting those patterns, and sets the foundation for racial healing between White and Black Americans.

How to get involved?

Step 1:  Watch and discuss "Unchained"a generational trauma documentary online.  It a safe place to get familiar with stories of racial trauma and how it impacts all Americans.  


Step 2: Participate in a Generational Trauma Healing Group

Step 3: Register for GT initial equipping training if you want to learn to lead healing groups


Our vision is for individuals and communities to receive transformational and empowering wholistic healing from trauma events that is grounded in Jesus Christ.  

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